Hi I’m Dee, I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY to Dominican parents.  Growing up, I remember hearing  my five older siblings listening to the likes of Madonna, New Kids, MC Hammer; however, once my father came home…on came the Bachata that transported the entire household to Dominican Republic.

Walking home the smell from a local pizzeria would be mixed in the air with the smell of Hispanic food coming from homes in the local neighborhood. 

My friends, my community and family have always been a mash up of American and Latino culture.  Our expression of love, laughter, food, music and fashion is unique. Which inspired me to create a new line for DILLEN & ARI called ESPANGLISH (yes, with an "E" at the beginning).

To represent my culture, my people, and the multi-generational impact of Latinos in America and Europe. As a female LatinX creator I have faced many challenges and obstacles in going to market. 

After five years of hustling just to be accepted in the industry, I am now bringing to the market a line that will further acknowledge not only my version of the world, but a version shared by millions of Latinos nationwide.


NEW Emerging Brands MENTOR

As of 2020, Dee became one of NY NOW's emerging brands mentor with a specific inclination towards minority-owned businesses.

Spring 2020 Editor's pick

DILLEN & ARI's Easter greeting card design was featured in the 2020 Spring edition of Stationery Trends Magazine.